Terms and Conditions

Please Note: You are agreeing to the following terms and conditions by returning the booking form. 

Cancellation terms of this Contract are as follows:

If the Booker cancels:
a) More than 30 days from the performance date; no fee payable. 
b) 15-30 days from the performance date; 50% of the full fee must be paid
c) 8-14 days from the performance date; 75% of the full fee must be paid 
d) 1-7 days (incl performance date) from the performance date; the full fee will be payable.

The Booker agrees that all cancellations are to be made in writing to Chardale, De Barri Street, Pontypridd, RCT, CF37 5HY OR via email info@magicstu.co.uk, via Text Message 07763 285078 or via Social Media Message service. The cancellation will only be valid with a reply from Stuart Watkins as a confirmation, a cancellation code will also be sent.

The Booker agrees that all payments agreed on the booking form are to be paid to Magic Stu on arrival (if not paid beforehand) and payments are strictly not negotiable on the date of the performance.

The Booker agrees to pay cash on the day. Card payments, Bank Transfer, Paypal payments can be accepted anytime upto 24hrs before the date of the party.

The Booker agrees to pay a £50.00 late fee if payment is not paid on the date of the performance.

The Booker agrees that Package 3 is for a maximum of 50 x children, if more than 50 children are present an extra £25.00 fee must be paid.

The Booker agrees that the show takes 25minutes to set up.

The Booker agrees that access to the venue is the Bookers responsibility and any delays are NOT the responsibility of the Entertainer. A delay will also affect the show time. Free on-site must parking must be provided or free Parking (not unloading only) outside the entrance must be provided. Public Carparks are acceptable if they are free and a guaranteed parking space outside the venue entrance is guaranteed.

The Booker agrees that they have full permission from their venue for the Performer (Magic Stu) to attend their booking regarding the venue’s Covid related regulations. If the Booker cancels due to the venue’s decision not to allow the Performer to attend the cancellation fee must be paid.

If the Booking form does not state any information for the venue and the Booker does not make the performer aware at any time of a venue the Bookers address will be used as a point of contact on the date of the booking.

Weather conditions: Magic Stu can perform his show outdoors but the Booker must provide a ‘dry’ option i.e. indoors, marquee, gazebo in the event of bad weather. If the Booker cancels due to weather conditions the cancellation terms (above) will apply. 

Re-scheduling the date: Unfortunately the date booked cannot be changed as the Bookers date has been held and will still incur a financial loss to the Performer. A change of date request will be classed as a cancelation if requested within the 30day contract. However, it will also be to the Performers discretion if the date can be changed providing no other Booking opportunities have been lost.

If the performer is unable to attend (this would be a rare occasion) Magic Stu will arrange a Professional replacement.

Covid Tests: Magic Stu will agree to take a Lateral Flow Test just before your event. The Booker must provide this. The Booker must be aware that a standard Lateral Flow Test normally takes upto 20mins which may cause a delay in the start time of the show.