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MAGIC PACKAGE                           



MAGIC PACKAGE                              


MAGIC PACKAGE                              


45 MINUTE MAGIC SHOW* Starring Magic Stu   Starring Magic Stu
BALLOON SWORDS     Starring Magic Stu
40 MINUTES GAMES/PARTY DANCES (prizes included)     Starring Magic Stu
MUSIC     Starring Magic Stu Starring Magic Stu
1hr mix of MAGIC SHOW/ GAMES/PARTY DANCES (prizes included)   Starring Magic Stu  
PRICE** £120.00 £140.00 £185.00



All Package prices are based on:
*Areas within 25 miles from Pontypridd.  
*Parties/events booked between 9am-1pm & 2pm-6pm.
*Maximum of 3 children celebrating a Birthday party ie ‘Joint Party’.
*Package 3 cost is based on parties for 50 children maximum.
*Every day except Bank Holidays and New Years Eve.
*Please request a quote for other requirements, areas or more children. 
***Close proximity/on site parking is required, please advise if this may be an issue.***


Package 1 
Indoor or Outdoor…..This is Magic Stu’s 45mins Magic Show perfect if you have other activities at your party.
Magic Stu arrives approximately 30mins beforehand to set up.

Package 2  (as Package 1 set up)
Indoor or Outdoor
…..This is a continuous 1hr mix of the Magic Show, Games & Party Dances (no food break included) Music & Prizes included.

Package 3 (as Package 1 set up)
Indoor or Outdoor
…..If you are holding a longer party this option is perfect
Magic Stu arrives to set up approximately 30mins before the start of your party, background music is played
Magic Stu starts the 45mins Magic Show
If a food break is required Magic Stu will “Conga” the children to your food area. Music will continue to play while Children eat, Magic Stu packs away and prepares for the 2nd half with games/party dances.

Food break normally lasts approximately 20mins.

(2nd half) 40mins Games/Party Dances Magic Stu will gather the children together and sit them down as they were during the Magic Show, this is an ideal time to sing Happy Birthday and bring out the cake, we then move straight into the 2nd half.

The above itinerary is based on a usual party but we can alter things around to be flexible but the whole experience is fine tuned to keep the children completely occupied throughout the party

And don’t forget…..ALL PRIZES ARE INCLUDED
No need to go out and buy toys and spend ages wrapping them up for Pass the Parcel, its all taken care of!

Magic Stu’s Preparation & Details

  • The magic show will require approximately 30mins set-up. For Packages 2 & 3 background music plays during set-up.
  • He will discuss the format with you and greet the birthday child and make him/her feel comfortable. 
  • MagicStu has a sound PA system to enable everyone to hear him
  • The show will fit into any venue or home
  • Balloon swords can be supplied FOC on request and made up before the party to avoid children queuing up and waiting.
  • Games will include a variety of Games & Party Dances, all Prizes are INCLUDED
  • The show is packed with Magic, Puppets, Laughter and mayhem! For Birthday parties the Birthday child gets to help at the beginning of the show and performs a magic trick ending with a special gift for them to keep!
  • Package 3: MagicStu will start with the magic show first, giving you time to finish preparing the food table. MagicStu will sing Happy Birthday in the 2nd half before games start, this allows you time to cut up the cake.

    GAMES PACKAGE-Party Games/Dances will include:

    Chu Chu Wha Party Dance
    Air Guitar Madness 
    Hokey Cokey
    Pass the Parcel
    Musical Statues (Package 3 only)
    And a few more surprises.

Magic Stu’s Birthday Party Top Tips

Magic Tip No.1: Having the Magic show at the beginning allows you another 45mins to finish preparing the food and last minute decorations

Magic Tip No.2: Bringing the cake out before the games (2nd half) allows you to cut up and share into the party bags

Magic Tip No.3: I meet loads of parents who blow up balloons to decorate the surroundings, some spend hours blowing them up, others spend money on the helium tank kits, which don’t fill all balloons supplied… My advice is that if you need to blow up balloons tie them to the walls out of reach as the first thing children do is step on them or they will hit other children with them during the show which leads to interruptions, I have never met a child who is disappointed because of the lack of balloons.

Magic Tip No.4:  Prepare an area/table for the gifts and birthday cards discourage the birthday child from opening them straight away as this creates a ‘play area’ the children will be distracted, this may sound mean but children are happy taking them home to open, please also ask the late arrivals to put their gifts in this area rather than handing to the birthday child during the show, the effort to try and get the attention again is quite a task!

Magic Tip No.5: This tip is for House Parties….the show can fit into any room and to ensure swift set up please clear an area approx 6ft x 6ft. Imagining that you are creating a small dance floor by pushing furniture back (don’t worry about the TV!) Please also clear all toys from the room, they are a distraction to the other children

Magic Tip No.6: When setting out chairs for adults please make sure to set them out in front of the performance area, setting them up behind will encourage adults to talk more as they cant see the show, the biggest issue at a children’s party is the talking adults!

Magic Tip No.7: If you are holding a party for 2hrs but only having Magic Stu for Pk1 or Pkg2 it would be advisable to bring along some music i.e. CD player Bluetooth Speaker for when Magic Stu leaves

Magic Tip No.8:
Avoid giving out items to children at the beginning/during the party i.e. party poppers, party blowers, food, drinks, toys etc. The art of entertaining children is to engage the attention of the children, it takes seconds to lose their attention if there are distractions. 

Magic Tip No.9
Contact your venue within 24hrs before your party just for piece of mind. Over the last year I have experienced more issues than ever with key holders being late and in some cases not turning up! you may also need to double check that the venue has the correct room booked for you as I have also experienced venues swapping from the ‘promised’ large room to the small room.

More Fun… Colouring Magic Stu!

Download and print your very own Magic Stu Children’s Magician colouring picture.
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Colour In Magic Stu

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